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History and Heritage


The roots of BTM (Brixham Trawl Makers) can be traced back to Edd’s Great Grandfather Thomas Harris. Pictured opposite (sat on the left) talking to a friend on Brixham Harbourside.


His historic Fishing Smack named ‘THE’ (BM275) is also pictured in the historic image below.

About Brixham Trawl Makers

Brixham Trawl Makers are your ‘One Stop Shop’ for all commercial fishing & agricultural equipment needs.


Created and founded by director & owner Darren Edwards (AKA Edd) back in 2013, Edd and his team have over the 50 years combined experience in the commercial fishing industry.


Leaving school at 15 Edd hung up his blazer and went to Sea on the Brixham beam trawlers where he learnt his trade fishing & servicing heavy duty fishing gear. After 11 years on deck he came ashore to be with his young family, still missing the industry he had grown up with Edd then found on-shore employment at a local chandlery we’re he continued affirming his knowledge of the trade, using the experiences gained on sea and land he then founded Brixham Trawl Makers to provide the heavy duty essentials required for the commercial fishing industry.


BTM (Brixham Trawl Makers) stock many top brands for the industry and also provide bespoke solutions, creating and designing all types of equipment and fishing gear. BTM also work closely in all areas of government, scientific & domestic authorities to ensure the impact of their equipment on the environment is kept to a minimum.


BTM thrive on providing reliable & quality products and continue to expand their range of equipment to provide the Best possible experience for their invaluable clients.

Recycling and Sustainability


BTM (Brixham Trawl Makers) are also an award winning company and are recognised globally for their continued efforts to maintain sustainability in the fishing industry.


BTM also process ‘end of life’ fishing gear including; Nets, Plastics and Metals fo recycling. Used cables and steel wire is gathered onto a specialist ‘reeling’ machine where it can either re-used or re-cycled.

Heavy Duty Shackles

Green pin/van beest tested shackles

  • Safety (nut & bolt)
  • Screw pin (used for rigging wire stays & lifting)
  • All test certified (Supplied by George Taylor)

Heavy Duty Connectors

  • High quality Hammerlocks
  • 7mm / 10mm / 13mm / 16mm / 20mm /22mm
  • All test certified
  • (Supplied by Gunnebo industries)

Heavy Duty Chain

Fishing Chains

  • Grade 80, 13mm / 16mm / 19-20mm / 22mm longline
  • 22mm/26mm mid link (Supplied by Gunnebo industries)

Bridal chains

  • 13mm/ 16mm /19mm /22mm (Supplied by Rud Chain)
  • Anchor chain / lifting chains
  • Short/mid/long link (Supplied by William Hackett / Gunnebo industries)

Other Key Products and Supplies

We understand the success of your fishing trip depends on reliable gear. All of our equipment is certified for quality and safety.
All types of quality hooks
• Open hooks
• Sling hooks
• Lifting hooks
• Latch hooks
All test certified
(supplied by Gunnebo industries)
All types of netting
• Fishing nets
• Scollop nets
• Bird netting
• Sport netting
(Suppled by Borrisnets, Euronett, Le Drezen)
Pulleys & Blocks 
We hold a small range of blocks
• 1-2 tonne landing blocks
(nylon& steel rollers)
• Single & double roller stainless steel blocks
All certified (local producer)
(suppled by Blueline)
Mooring ropes 
Eight strand Multiplate rope
Both ends eye splice with protective cover (over eyes)
32mm diameter/ 30mtrs long
40mm diameter/ 40mtrs long
48mm diameter/ 50mtrs long
(supplied by Tyson rigging)
• Stainless/Flexible
• Barrel swivels
(Supplied by Blueline)

Brixham Trawl Makers are suppliers and stockists of:

Meet the Brixham Trawl Makers Team – No Weak Links here!

It’s always good to put a face to the name. We look forward to hearing from you soon…




Sales Manager


Chandlery Manager


Chandlery Manager

Contact Brixham Trawl Makers

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our product inventory or product list, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to source it for you!
Suppliers of Heavy Duty Chandlery to the Commercial Fishing Industry.

The Rap Store, Northfields Industrial Estate, Brixham, Devon TQ5 8UA

[email protected]

Tel 01803 854724

Mob 07870 634090